Now I will mostly focusing on speed here. But here are my calcs for MHS Fire Emblem Characters.

Bolting (FE10)
Now the move bolting is more of a natural lightning strike move by this picture as the move comes almost INSTANT! This should be noted as Fire Emblem characters are able to dodge this.


Going by this picture I made, we are using 5'8" as a estimation for Roy's height seeing on how short he is compared to other lords. now measuring bolting and Roy, Roy standing at 5'8" I decided to measure on how many Roy's does it take to get to the max height of Bolting, and it takes 4 Roy's meaning Bolting is probably 22'8". But that is not all I have to do. We must look at it's magic. Anima, this means that the lightning bolts shot by the magic tomes are natural lightning considering Anima is linked to nature itself it is safe to say that the lightning bolt shot is indeed natural lightning. So final verdict?

'Speed: 'Hypersonic+ to Massively Hypersonic

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