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    Fire Emblem

    March 4, 2017 by Roymaster11

    Now I will mostly focusing on speed here. But here are my calcs for MHS Fire Emblem Characters.

    Now the move bolting is more of a natural lightning strike move by this picture as the move comes almost INSTANT! This should be noted as Fire Emblem characters are able to dodge this.

    Going by this picture I made, we are using 5'8" as a estimation for Roy's height seeing on how short he is compared to other lords. now measuring bolting and Roy, Roy standing at 5'8" I decided to measure on how many Roy's does it take to get to the max height of Bolting, and it takes 4 Roy's meaning Bolting is probably 22'8". But that is not all I have to do. We must look at it's magic. Anima, this means that the lightning bolts shot by the magic tomes are natural l…

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