Okay. So recently a friend of mine discussed a few fight ideas for a particularly interesting character- Morbus. His story is an unknown one at best, even by his fans. He is the icon of the band Disturbed and oddly enough they've made two considerable contributions to his canon- the official videos of the Vengeful One and Land of Confusion. This small feat comes from the latter. 

So. In the video (link below)

...we see Morbus literally fly into space and pulverize this fine fellow until all that remains are the contents of his pockets (cash). Where did he go? 

So first we see Morbus begin harnessing some sort of cosmic energy around his hand which apparently allows him to fly up to and breathe in space.


...he starts coming back with a fist outstretched. He hits the enormous gentleman.

First we see THAT (Morbus hitting his body)

And then...

Money. The body is literally just destroyed leaving behind only money as a metaphor. Now, this could potentially be interpretted as Vaporization or a similar high-end destruction feat, but we'll stick with Vaporization. 

Now, back to the first link's starting image. That guy is covered with peopleclimbing on him- let's assume the average male in this video (all of which are about the same height) is 6'0. That said, taking the heights of the gentleman in green clasping his chest... his chest alone is about 18 feet tall (estimating). 

This will be a massive lowend feat- as in not including the pulverization of his legs/head, both of which add another estimated 18 feet in total height. 

So. To get the volume of his spherical body...


Giving us 3053 cubic feet. 

Converting cubic feet to cubic centimeters, we get 8.6451e+7 cubic centimeters.

Finally, multiply that by the typical 12.9 joules per cubic centimeter energy output required to pulverize a human body and you get...

1.12x10^9 j/cc 

Which puts Morbus, as a low-end feat, at Low 8-C. 

Hope I did that right. Cheers lads. 

(Morbus Profile: Morbus)

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