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    July 20, 2018 by Mr. Bambu

    Been talking with a few folks at VSBW and they all seem lovely and probably have been playing D&D longer than I have. One of them found some neato spells to calc that might give good, viable, and consistent feats for very high tier characters (Elminster, Bigby, Mordenkainen, and so on). 

    Wowie. So, with this heavy-duty spell, the user can generate a small-tier ice age. It creates a 20 mile radius ice age, covering all land within that area with ice. The temperature drops by 100 degrees, and water instantly freezes. So! Let's calc that.

    For a low-end, we'll assume they mean 100 F, which is what they imply. However, we know water freezes instantly at -40 C, which would be a bit higher, so we'll use that as a high-end. I'm gonna say high-end is…

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    One more time. 

    So the spell, Apocalypse from the Sky, creates an apocalypse in the sky. At baseline, it is 170 miles in radius. It creates, basically, a storm of fire, acid, or sound (?). We'll do fire, and acid. One is probably an outlier. 

    For fire. Density of fire is about 0.3 kg/m^3. Assuming the apocalypse takes the shape of a cloud, our height would be 9144 meters. 170 mile radius (273588 m) means our cylinder has a volume of 2.150e15 m^3. Mass is 6.451 x 10^14 kg. 

    Heat of fire is 585 C (sauce). Average temp is 16 C. Heat change is 569 C. 

    We have mass, we have heat change, we'll say this has the specific heat of air, so let's get a heat change calculator and smack up this bad boy. 

    3.715 x 10^20 Joules is our result, plugging in 1012 J…

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    Asked on VSBW, didn't get an answer. How much energy does it take to cover the world in darkness? Let's find out.

    We'll use this for density. Assuming the smoke blocks out MOST (if not all) light, we get a density of 0.004 kg/m^3 (rounding up). 

    Let's assume the smoke had the same height as clouds. Seems fair. 9144 m height. The surface area of Earth is 5.1e14 m^2, so our volume is 4.663e18 m^3. 

    Mass is 1.865 x 10^16 kg. 

    We can also assume it was shot out from one point, and cascaded to the rest of the Earth, meaning we can make several assumptions on time. 

    Instant: 1 second (High-End)

    Not Instant: 1 minute (Mid-End)

    Took Some Time: 1 hour (Low-End)

    Lengthy Period of Time: 1 month (Lowest-End)

    Circumference of Earth: 40074275 meters. Halve for t…

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    Kos could create the Hunter's Nightmare, which contains a "possessed moon". Could be a good basis for mid-game tier foes, since Kos died to the hands of the likes of Maria. 

    So, we'll get the GBE of a dimension with a moon within it. 

    U=(3GM^2)/5R is our calculation for this. 

    Our radius is what we will establish first. We can assume we're on an Earth-like planet within the dream, unless otherwise stated not to be. To get a diameter, we can add Earth's diameter to the distance to the moon to the diameter of the moon, then halve for radius. This gets us a radius of 200344415 m. 

    The mass of our dimension would be equivalent to the mass of the moon, the Earth, and whatever asteroids are in between, but that's inconsequential. So, our mass is 6.0…

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  • Mr. Bambu

    Rom the Vacuous Spider, a mid-game boss, holds the Paleblood Moon in place. Very simple calc, we know it'd have to overcome the KE of the moon. Let's go. 

    Moon has a speed of 1023 m/s. Has a mass of 7.348 x 10^22 kg. 

    KE = 1/2m x v^2

    m = 7.348e22

    v = 1023

    Doing this math, we get a KE of 3.845 x 10^28 Joules, or Multi-Continent level. It's just barely below Multi-Continent level+. Additionally, we know that his feat is much higher than this- the moon moves MUCH FASTER than in real life once Rom is killed. So we could simply assume baseline Moon level. So we'll assume that as a fair high-end. 

    Rom Holds the Moon in Place (Low-End): 9.19 Exatons of TNT, Multi-Continent level

    Rom Holds the Moon in Place (High-End): 29.7 Exatons of TNT, Moon level

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