• Darkmon cns

    MLP thouts

    June 4, 2017 by Darkmon cns

    after thinking about this I realized that the first RainBoom is an outlier for rainbow dash, she has done the rainboom plenty of times and never has it done anything like what the first one did. maybe outlier is the wrong word but adult Rainbow Dash has never managed to use the Rainboom in such a way as the original nor has she shown such endurance after it such as when she broke her wing from a simple crash and got knocked out for an unknown period of time in read it and weep

    stirring up all the dust in a dusty old barn that she was trying to take down so applejack can make a new one doesn't count as a Mushroom cloud, seriously by definition there would need to be radiation in the cloud for it to be a Mushroom cloud i'm sorry if I come off…

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  • Darkmon cns

    A idea

    March 24, 2017 by Darkmon cns

    there resentley has been a thread were me paule and several others were discussing a total war bettwen pokemom and dragon ball whoch gave me an idea insteda of adding the resalts one by one to each profiel what if we add a new secion to the veres profiels? we can call it total wars and treat then like win and losses it would help in the long run so we wouldnt need to add resalts to each profile after big fights

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  • Darkmon cns

    creation feats above star

    Now hear me out the whole creation = destruction is ok but at solar system level it stops applying a solar system is mostly empty space so this should just be a rang feat and give them star level at most. As the idea is the blast is able to cover the void of the solar system with equal power.

    2 there policy on low term 4D power

    They just disregard non universal 4D feats and only give the rank when it's spelled out I believe it should just be the 4D feat most be displayed as vastly above universal destrushin

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  • Darkmon cns

    some questinos

    January 5, 2017 by Darkmon cns

    what do you 2 think of the power of the folowing franchises

    dragon ball and undertale?

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