Nothing most people here don't already know about. Hulk one-shots an alien bus with teeth.

I simply felt like verifying the kinetic energy yield of this feat.

First off, to do this, I need to know the size of both Hulk and the Leviathan. For this I'm gauging Hulk's size relative to the real life height of Mark Ruffalo. Ruffalo is 5'8", and seeing as Hulk is approximately half again as tall, he should be around 8'6" when standing upright. I then used Hulk's height to get an estimate on the total length of the Leviathan. I got it to around 13 Hulk body lengths, which should make the Leviathan approximately 60 meters long.

To get the Leviathan's mass, I'll be using the square cube law.

The largest real life animal, the Blue Whale, is 30 meters long and weighs around 150 short tons. Being 2x that length, the Leviathan should be 8x heavier. About 1200 tons.

Now for speed and travel distance. The time between the Leviathan going to ground level and Hulk punching it in the face is about 20 seconds. The average Manhattan city block is 80 x 274 meters. Assuming the longer distance gives us a travel speed of 13.7 m/s (about 30 mph) for the Leviathan.

Using this calculator, I was able to get a result of 4.086 x 109 J, which would put this feat at Building level.

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