Here's some tips. Invest in real estate, there's no such thing as real estate, always eat breakfast, all the girls on the internet are actually dudes, and never, ever buy the extended warranty. EVER.
— Lavernius Tucker


Lavernius Tucker is an armored simulation trooper paired on the Blue side of the made-up civil war in Blood Gulch- and slowly became an even suitable soldier. Eventually he would come into contact with the alien key (which seconds as a sword or, as Caboose says, "A key but it also unlocks people's deaths).

Tucker would act as a stand-in leader time and time again for the Reds and Blues and show an ability for combat beyond that of most of his peers.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Probably 9-C to 9-B physically, at least 8-B piercing power with the Magnum, at least 9-A with his sword, higher with other weapons

Name: Lavernius Tucker

Origin: Red vs Blue

Gender: Male

Age: At least 30, likely 33 or more.

Classification: Armored Teal Soldier

Powers and Abilities: At least Peak Human strength, Leadership Skills, Genuine fighting skill, Sword Mastery, Superhuman Durability, Superb Eyesight and Hearing, Adaptive Camouflage, Helmet Camera, Active Camouflage

Attack Potency: Probably Street level to Wall level physically (keeps up with others of similar strength), at least City Block level piercing power (Uses the same weapons seen here), at least Room level with his sword (See Great Key page), higher with other weapons (Magnum is literally the weakest gun in the verse)

Speed: Likely Superhuman (can vaguely keep up with a freelancer)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Likely Class KJ (capable of keeping up with Agent Washington and the likes)

Durability: City Block level (regularly tanks missiles, beatings to the face from powerful freelancers, bullet wounds, etc and walks away clean)

Stamina: Peak Human. High amounts of energy for combat and... other things.

Range: Typically extended melee via his sword but does use guns with a range of 1000m from time to time.

Standard Equipment: Great Key, Battle Rifle, 66 Magnum, M374 Hephaestus Combat Suit, SMG, DMR

Intelligence: Likely average, although shows above average skill in tactics from time and time again

Weaknesses: Prone to bad luck and becoming knocked out, severely outclassed by superior fighters, easily distracted, big mouth

Noteable Attacks/Techniques:

CQC: Despite originally being an inadequate soldier, Tucker has grown reasonably skilled via training and experience beyond that of most of the Reds and the Blues

Camouflage: In his newer forms Tucker has been seen to color shift and go completely invisible, using this to hide from Locus at one point

Sword Fighting: He often refers to his process as "swish, swish, stab", but is shown to be able to hit the Meta and other foes with his sword


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