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Emperor Joker DC Comics

It's all a joke! Everything everybody ever valued or struggled for... it's all a monstrous, demented gag! So why can't you see the funny side? Why aren't you laughing?
— The Killing Joke - 1988


The Joker is a serial killer and a super-villain, a dangerous madman who dresses like a clown and commits violent crimes. He is often recognized as Batman's greatest enemy, living in and terrorizing Gotham City, although he spends most of his time in Arkham Asylum.

Though his precise origin is unknown even to him, he is known to have been forced to swim through a vat of chemicals which turned his skin white, his hair green, and left his face permanently locked in a double Glasgow Grin.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Likely 9-C | High 2-A

Name: His real name is unknown, Calls himself "The Joker"

Origin: DC Comics

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Human, Criminal

Powers and Abilities: Genius Level Intellect, Immunity to his own Joker Venom, Can cheat death, Some times has 4th Wall Awareness, Tainted blood. | Reality Warping, Higher Dimensional Manipulation, Conceptual Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, Life Manipulation, Creation, Likely far more.

Attack Potency: Likely Street Level (Can damage the Batman, Easily cuts off a human hand, Defeated the Bat-Family, but it was off-screen, Takes out multiple cops, but it was off-screen) | High Multiverse Level+ (Tricked a 5 Dimensional being into giving him 99.9% of his powers)

Speed: Supersonic+ (Can fight the Batman) | Unknown, Likely Immeasurable (Tricked a 5 Dimensional being into giving him 99.9% of his powers, but it's unknown if he also got his speed)

Lifting Strength: Likely Athletic Human" | Imeasurable

Striking Strength: Class H | High Multiversal+

Durability: Street Level (Takes hits from the Batman) | High Multiverse Level+ (Tricked a 5 Dimensional being into giving him 99.9% of his powers)

Stamina: Very High (Can fight the Batman) | Unknown, but far higher

Range: Melee, Higher with weapons | Multiversal (The Spectre stated the Emperor Joker could destroy not only his universe, but everything there was and ever wil be)

Standard Equipment: Knifes, Firearms, Joker Venom, Shocking Joy Buzzer and multiple other weapons

Intelligence: Genius (Should be on par with Batman, Knows what he will do before he does it, Managed to figure out his real identity)

Weaknesses: Human weaknesses, Insanity, Obsessed with the Batman. | Can't permanently erase Batman from existence, due to his obssession, he will subconsciously bring him back right after.

Key: Joker | Emperor Joker


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