Rorschach render by bobhertley-d5nu59i
Tonight, a comedian died in New York...
— Rorschach's Journal - October 12th, 1985


Rorschach (born Walter Joseph Kovacs) is a fictional character and an antihero of the acclaimed 1986 graphic novel miniseries Watchmen

During his childhood, Walter Kovacs was described as bright, and excelled in literature, mathematics, political science, and religious education. Kovacs continues his one-man battle against crime long after superheroes have become both detested and illegal, eventually replacing his Kovacs identity with the persona of Rorschach. Rorschach considers his mask his true "face" and his unmasked persona to be his "disguise", refusing to answer to his birth name during his trial and psychiatric sessions. Moore depicted Rorschach as being extremely right-wing, and morally absolute, a viewpoint that has alienated him from the rest of society, even among other superheroes. Rorschach presents his views on right and wrong as starkly black and white with no room for compromise, with the exception of his respect for the Comedian. He excuses the attempted rape of the first Silk Spectre as a "moral lapse." He holds deep contempt for behavior he considers immoral and is openly derogative of heroes who do not share his unwavering views, deriding them as "soft".

Rorschach, a possible asexual, displays a discomfort with female sexuality as a result of his early childhood, although the crimes that most affected him spiritually were against women: the murders of Kitty Genovese and Blair Roche. Rorschach is often described as being mentally ill by other characters in the comic.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-C

Name: Walter Kovacs, Rorschach

Origin: Watchmen

Gender: Male

Age: Born March 21, 1940. Died November 2, 1985

Classification: Human

Powers and Abilities: Acrobatics, Information Retrieval, Martial Arts, Interrogation Expert, Intimidation Expert, Investigator and Journalist, Genius Level Intellect, Expert Firearm User, Stealth Expert

Attack Potency: Street level (Breaks a man's finger with no effort, Smashes a door open, Easily breaks a lock, should be comparable to Nite Owl, who after years of dormancy, casually breaks a man's arm to the point where bone penetrates through)

Speed: Likely Athletic Human (Attacks a police man, and escapes upstairs before his friends can retaliate.)

Lifting Strength: At least Above Average Human

Striking Strength: Class H+, possibly Class KJ

Durability: Street level (Takes beating from Ozymandias, Greatly damaged after jumping out a window)

Stamina: Likely Athletic Human Level

Range: Melee, higher with weapons

Standard Equipment: Grabbling Hook, Firearms, His Rorschach mask

Intelligence: Above average detective and fighter.

Weaknesses: Human weaknesses


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