Look upon me Equestria, for I am Rarity
— Rarity


Rarity is a female unicorn pony and one of the main characters of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. She is Sweetie Belle's older sister and the subject of Spike's long-term crush. Rarity works as both a fashion designer and as a seamstress at her own shop in Ponyville, the Carousel Boutique. She has a white Persian cat named Opalescence. She represents the Element of Generosity.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 7-B to 7-AHigh 7-A | High 7-A or Higher

Name: Rarity, Rare, Hairity, Radiance, George, Rarie-Roo, Diamante Elegante, White Lily, Ra

Origin: My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Classification: Pony, Unicorn, Fashionista, Element of Generosity

Powers and Abilities: Telekinesis, Low-Level Magic, Can detect gems and jewels, Can grow butterfly wings (Requires outside help from Twilight Sparkle) | All base form abilities, Purification, Can undo Reality WarpingPetrification, Can banish people to the moon | All base form abilities, Is protected by a forcefield, Can remove her opponent's magical powers, can banish her opponent to the Tartarus, Flight

Attack Potency: City Level to Mountain Level (Could move multiple clouds around, creating a huge hurricane and altering the sky, Shouldn't be much weaker than Rainbow Dash) | Large Mountain Level (One-shots Discord) | Large Mountain Level or Higher (One-shots Full-Power Tirek)

Speed: Peak Human (As fast as a real life pony), with Hypersonic reactions (Can react to Rainbow Dash) | Relativistic+ attack speed (The Elements of Harmony beam can travel to the moon in seconds) | Massively Hypersonic (Flies from the center of Equestria to the border in seconds)

Lifting Strength: Peak human (Can lift Tom (a large boulder)) | Same as base | Unknown, likely Same as base

Striking Strength: Class KJ at most | Same as base | Unknown, likely Same as base

Durability: City Level to Mountain Level (Should not be much weaker than Rainbow Dash) | Likely the Same as base | Large Mountain Level or Higher (Tanked direct attacks from Full-Power Tirek)

Stamina: Likely Above Average (Capable of carrying a large bolder for a long amount of time) | Unknown | Unknown, likely Higher

Range: Melee | Hundreds of miles (The Elements of harmony beam can reach the moon from Earth) | An entire continent (Was able to reach all of Equestria with her magic)

Standard Equipment: None | Element of Generosity | None

Intelligence: Relatively smart (Could trick Diamond Dogs), but not really a genius

Weaknesses: Sometimes she can be selfish despite representing the Element of Generosity, and when she does embody her element, her Generosity to others can sometimes get her into a bad situation. Has nowhere near the strength of other main unicorns in the series such as Twilight, Shining Armor, or the Alicorns | Requires outside help from the rest of the Mane Six | Unknown, it's possible that it requires outside help from the rest of the Mane Six, but this was never confirmed

Key: Base | Elements of Harmony | Rainbow Power


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