Also called Radioactive Manipulation, Radiokinesis, Radiation Control.

Radiation Manipulation is the ability to manipulate radioactive decay and radiation spectra for various uses, primarily destructive in nature.

Possible Uses

  • Radiation-based physical or energy attacks.
  • Radiation immunity.
  • Light Manipulation via manipulating electromagnetic radiation.
  • Radiation physiology.
  • Generate clouds of radioactive fallout.
  • Manipulation of photons, neutrons, ions and other radioactive particles.
  • Heat Manipulation via manipulating thermal radiation.
  • Explosion Manipulation via self-detonation or through releasing a large amount of energy at once.
  • Gravity Manipulation via manipulating gravitational radiation
  • Mutation inducement.
  • Radiation Aura.


  • User may be limited to manipulating a single form of radiation.
  • Manipulation properties may depend on the intelligence or skill of the user.
  • User's abilities are affected by everything that is radiation or radioactive unless they can learn to overcome this limitation.
  • User may be limited to only the most basic forms of manipulation and can't progress any further.
  • Abilities may be active at varying levels depending on the user's environment.
  • User may be inherently hazardous to those around it even when no harm is intended.

Known Users

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