Nicol Bolas
There is no greater folly than standing against me.
— Nicol Bolas


Nicol Bolas is the last survivor of the multi-planar Dragon War and the only remaining Elder Dragon within the Magic: The Gathering multiverse. His planeswalker spark ignited during the height of the Dragon War, granting him the power to traverse the infinite planes of the Multiverse on a whim, among other abilities.

After losing the bulk of his godlike power to the multiverse-spanning event known as the Mending, Bolas has schemed constantly to reclaim it. To this end, he orchestrated the Conflux on Alara, the release of the Eldrazi on Zendikar, and made himself God-Pharaoh of Amonkhet.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 4-A | 2-C

Name: Nicol Bolas, Tyrant of Worlds, God-Emperor of Madara, Dominaria's Most Ancient Evil, The Forever Serpent, God-Pharaoh of Amonkhet, The Great Trespasser

Origin: Magic: The Gathering

Age: 25,000+ years old

Gender: Male

Classification: Elder Dragon, Planeswalker

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Flight, Magic, Enhanced Senses, Elemental Manipulation (Fire, Water & Lightning), Instant Death Spells, Mind Control, Planeswalking, Time Manipulation, Causality Manipulation (can choose a desired timeline in the future and access it), Soul Manipulation, Reality Warping, Non-Corporeal, Power Nullification (magic & regeneration negation), Avatar Creation, Can absorb mana from several planes at once as well as anchor his existence to a plane and passively draw mana from there, Necromancy, Shapeshifting (only limited by his imagination), Possession, Resurrection of himself and others, Can shatter the minds of lesser beings with a simple touch, Duplication, Dimensional Manipulation (can BFR foes and other such things), Immortality (Types 1, 3, 4 and 6), Regeneration (Mid-Godly)

Attack Potency: At least Multi-Solar System level (Is one of the strongest Planeswalkers left in existence, is vastly superior to Elspeth Tirel who could not defeat one of Bolas' generals during the Shards of Alara arc. Kruphix saw him as a threat that the gods of Theros could not overcome) | Multi-Universe level (Defeated Teferi, a planeswalker who could manipulate time across several planes. When he grew powerful enough, his mere presence on Dominaria threatened to collapse the plane on one occasion and so had to tether his existence to it.)

Speed: Unknown (Doesn't really have any speed feats, but given his other abilities this may not even matter.)

Lifting Strength: Unknown | Likely Immeasurable

Striking Strength: Unknown | Class EJ physically (His battle against a demonic leviathan planeswalker destroyed 2/3 of Madara over the course of a month.)

Durability: At least Multi-Solar System level (Vastly superior to other Planeswalkers such as Elspeth, whose Planeswalker Spark prevented the sun god Heliod from killing her) | Multi-Universe level (Time rifts affecting numerous planes across the Multiverse had no effect on him. Can negate magic powerful enough to repair time rifts across the Multiverse and can regenerate his entire body and soul.)

Stamina: Solely depends on where he chooses to anchor himself. Usually chooses planes with an infinite amount of mana.

Range: Unknown, likely Universe+ (Can interact with planes other than the one he is currently on) | Multiverse+ (Can freely interact with any plane of existence and also exist outside the Multiverse as a spirit being.)

Standard Equipment: His war armor.

Intelligence: Quality multiversal schemer and professional chessmaster. Has mastery over Blue, Black and Red mana and possesses the most powerful spells in the series.

Weaknesses: Body hopping can weaken him. Can be weakened significantly by blocking his access to mana.

Key: Post-Mending (Current Bolas) | Pre-Mending (Prime Bolas)


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