Welcome to Wiki Activity!

This page will give you notifications about various events around the wiki. We will have all of the following listed here:

  • Requested Articles:

Here we will list significant information (e.g., verses, characters, equipment, etc) that we'd like added ASAP. If it's up here, it means we're looking for an expert on that piece of fiction to provide it. Anything and everything that is listed here is mid-priority; we'd like it a lot, but if you can't be bothered, we understand. Maximum of ten listings here.

Naruto Uzumaki


Princsess Zelda (Composite)

Ganondorf (Composite)

Samus Aran

Ichigo Kurosaki


Monkey D. Luffy

Solid Snake

Raiden (Metal Gear)

  • Pending Requests:

Berserk (Verse)

Sailor Moon (Verse)

Naruto (Verse)

Bleach (Verse)

Touhou (Verse)

Street Fighter (Verse)

Mortal Kombat (Verse)

  • Featured Pages:

Basically, there will be five featured articles. Hopefully at all times. What will these articles be? Well... 1. We will have three featured characters. Weekly. They'll be listed on the main page as well. 2. We will have a featured verse. Weekly. 3. We will have a featured blog post, hopefully dealing with the wiki (like revision pages). Whenever a new one becomes evidently more important, it will be posted here.

Featured Character #1: Zen’ō the Omni-King

Featured Character #2: Discord

Featured Character #3: Alm (Fire Emblem)

Featured Verse: Creepypasta

Featured Blog: Dragon Ball Gods Feats

Stay tuned! There will be more when the wiki gets more viewers (so if you'd like to sort of invite people, that would be cool). Cheers lads!