Actually I'm depressed. Motivation? I don't have any.
— L Lawliet

No matter how gifted you are, you alone cannot change the world.
— L Lawliet

Kira is childish and he hates losing… I'm also childish and hate losing.
— L Lawliet

I just can't sit any other way than this. If I sit the way other people do, my reasoning ability drops by 40%.
— L Lawliet


L, AKA Ryuzaki, is the best detective in the world who prides himself on his ability to capture even the most cunning criminals easily. He takes on the challenge of catching "Kira", a murderer in Japan who can kill without ever touching the victim. His true name is revealed at the time of his death to be L Lawliet.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-A

Name: L Lawliet, Ryuzaki, Hideki Ryuga, Eraldo Coil, Deneuve

Origin: Death Note

Gender: Male

Age: 24-25

Classification: Genius Detective

Powers and Abilities: Kickboxing, Athleticism, Genius Detective Skills, Nigh-Precognition via Deduction (With very few clues he deducted the identity of Kira)

Attack Potency: Athlete level (Casually competes with a national finalist in sportsmanship and matches him in a small brawl physically)

Speed: Athletic Human (Can keep up with Kira)

Lifting Strength: At least Human level

Striking Strength: At least Class H, probably Class H+

Durability: Athlete level+ (No-Sold an attack from Kira to the face)

Stamina: Average to Above Average, can last a drawn-out pitched match of tennis against a champion without a sweat

Range: Melee range

Standard Equipment: Sweets

Intelligence: At least Genius, without prep time he casually aced a top-notch prestigious college entrance exam, a feat only accomplished by one other that had prep time, maintained the rank and identities of all three of the top detectives in the world (L, Eraldo Coil, and Deneuve), outsmarted Kira on many occasions

Weaknesses: Human, if he sits down normally then, by his reckoning, he will lose 40% of his thinking capacity


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