Jack's Sword


Samurai Jack's katana, originally The Emperor's katana, is a holy katana that was forged by the three gods Odin, Ra and Rama for the sole purpose of destroying Aku and was the only weapon that was capable of doing so in the world.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 7-C, Can ignore durability against evil beings

Name: No canon name, usually called Jack's Katana, Jack's Sword, Magic Sword, etc.

Origin: Samurai Jack

Age: Over 50 years

Classification: Magic sword

Wielders: Samurai Jack

Powers and Abilities: Durability Negation (against evil beings), On the hands of evil, it will never hurt an innocent, Can "leave" it's wilder

Attack Potency: Town Level (Samurai Jack's main weapon), Can ignore durability against evil beings

Speed: None

Durability: Town Level (Samurai Jack's main weapon)

Range: Extended Melee

Weaknesses: If an evil being is wielding it, it will not work against an innocent. The sword can leave it's wielder if it believes he is not worthy.

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