Grass Sword


The Grass Sword was Finn's sword from the episode "Blade of Grass" which replaced Joshua's broken demon blood sword. He gets it from the Grassy Wizard but he had cursed it so the sword would be stuck with finn for all of eternity. 

Powers and Stats

Tier: 5-C | 5-A

Name: Grass Sword

Origin: Adventure Time

Age: Unknown

Classification: Cursed Sword

Wielders: Finn, Fern

Powers and Abilities: Regeneration, Can cut through spirits (Killed Finn's fear of the Ocean), Size ManipulationBody Control (Can grow in size and change shape), Statistics Amplification (Can increase its power dramatically at larger sizes), Plant Manipulation (Limited to itself), Curse Manipulation (Limited; it was created to curse its owner into wielding it forever), Biological Manipulation (Completely changed Finn 2s anatomical structure into that of grass)

Attack Potency: Moon level (Can cut nearly anything without much effort at all. Tore a giant grass monster with ease. Matched the Finn Sword during during the battles against Bandit Princess) | Large Planet level (Cut through Orgalorg, The Breaker of Worlds and even cut off The Lich's arm)

Speed: At least Subsonic by itself (Cuts incredibly quickly, usually faster than the eye can see), Sub-Reativistic under Finns control (Tagged Orgalorg)

Durability: Moon level, Can regenerate | Large Planet level after merging with Finn

Range: Several meters

Weaknesses: None notable | Appears only in extreme situations


  • Tore a giant grass monster with ease
  • Killed The Fear Feaster of its own accord, despite him having said, "No mortal blade can harm the Fear Feaster."

Key: Pre-Merging with Finn | After merging with Finn