The Gourd of mist is a weapon of unknown origins it was used by Terror and Plague to take over a village in fear they were in control until Goku stopped them. When the holder says someone name and they do not say something like here they will be surrounded in smoke and will be shrunk down and sucked into the Gourd. When they hit bottom they will turn to water it is implied that when someone is turned to water and drinked the Drinker gains the power of the one turned to water.

Powers and States

Tier: Unknown

Name: Gourd Of Mist

Origin: Dragon Ball

Age: Unknown

Classification: Magic Fruit

Wielders: Terror, Plage, Goku, Villager

Powers and Abilities: Sealing, Durability Negation, Wind Manipulation (Creates a cloud of smoke that sucks people into it) Statistics Ampliflcaion, Magic (is considered a magical fruit )

Attack Potency: Unknown, Likely durability negates (By transforming opponents into water)

Speed: None (Inanimate object)

Durability: Unknown, At least City Block Level (Goku post baba kamehameha only bounced around the inside)

Range: Unknown, At least Several Meters.

Weaknesses: If someone knew to say here it is pretty power less but saying there name multiple times is a remedy for this weaknesses.


  • Can capture Goku

Notable Attacks/Techniques

  • Roll Call: The user says someone’s name if they do not say here they are sucked into the Gourd and turned to water

Note: This is from the anime and non canon.

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