The ability to move between dimensions. Often it is perceived as teleportation, invisibility, or portal creation; however, these powers are an application of this.

Magic or, of course, Necromancy are often causes of this ability.

Possible Uses

  • Teleportation: Use a sub-dimension or an alternate dimension/plane to move around this world instantly.
  • Summoning: Powerful users can enter other dimensions and bring back creatures or powerful items.
  • Invisibility: Certain specific users (such as the Phase Spiders of the D&D verse) can use alternate planes to stalk opponents, invisible to the naked eye.
  • Portal Creation: Generally used in situations of mass transport, this is a common application.
  • Statistics Amplification: Certain users may become powerful in designated planes of existence (typically their own home-plane).


  • Users can be limited to doing this ability
  • In some cases, the ability takes time to manifest
  • Ability may require some amount of energy charge


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