I'm not crazy! My reality is just a little... heh... "different" than yours.
— The Creepypasta Fandom


Creepypasta is an online horror story creation site that yields, among its many fine and upstanding authors, a plethora of horrible fanfiction. Luckily, the major characters have shown themselves to be above all others, appearing in many movies, video games, TV series, books, etc. These very same characters are the subject of massive debate, fanfiction and fanart, so on and so forth. There is barely any link between said characters (canonically, at least).

Power of the Verse

Oddly enough the verse yields reasonably powerful characters as well as Hax abilities to boot. Instances of higher end combat characters potentially include full-power Slenderman, Zalgo, and Red, numbering at minimum Moon level fighters all the way to Universe busters, while lower end characters exist in spades with examples such as Jeff the Killer and The Rake, who rank at typical human to superhuman levels.

Supporters and Opponents


Mr. Bambu




Character Profiles

God Tiers

Anything 4-C and above

High Tiers

Anything 6-C and above

Mid Tiers

Anything 8-C and above

Low Tiers

Anything 9-A and below

Indefinable Tiers

Anything with outliers or undefined powers that could potentially severely alter a character's tier (provide in parentheses the reason for their being classified here)


Notable Victories:

Notable Losses:

Inconclusive Matches:

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