When in the VS Debating wiki chat, please follow these rules in tandem with the typical Site Rules.

Any violation of said rules can result in an appropriate punishment dealt with by either the owners of the website, Wikia staff, or such a qualified staff member that maintains such permissions.

You can inform the administrators about any violations via message on their wall or similar notification system.

Chat Rules

  • No sexual content will be permitted.
  • No threats of any kind- even those used in a joking manner will be treated as serious and realistic threats.
  • No trolling, spamming, or other childish "Internet-esque" antics will be tolerated.
  • No severe derogatory comments (ethnic, homophobic, towards disabled, or mentally ill, et cetera).
  • No disgusting, offensive, or disturbing text, or linking to those sorts of images.
  • No very extreme jokes, such as ones relating to real life genocide.
  • Refrain from using large amounts of profanity. Moderate amounts will be accepted.

Example: "God dammit" is accepted.

Example: "F***ing s**t and d***s and *******" is not accepted.

  • No random and/or unintelligible speech in chat.
  • No mention of extreme substance abuse. Very minor exceptions will be allowed.

Example: "I had a splitting hangover last week... sorry I couldn't help" is accepted

Example: "DUDE me and my buddies took some (insert whatever the mind provides) last night and GOT SUPER BAKED!" is not accepted. We understand that, hopefully, nobody speaks or types like that.

  • Do not post links to explicit material, whatever it is.
  • Kindly post only usable and relevant links. Shortened links, links to unrelated subjects, fake links, etc will be treated as either abuse of Wiki traffic or intentional spamming and will be dealt with as such.
  • Do not mock, belittle, "hate on", or take any such deliberate action against similar communities of Versus Debating- this includes VS Battles Wiki, Fight For All Fiction, Fatal Fiction, etc.
  • Do not link or promote any illegal activities in the Chat, including scams.
  • Do not post about or mention in great detail any tools that can be used to harm this wiki or circumvent traditional safety guidelines of the internet in general- discussions on hacking, DDOS, or anything of the like will be treated as threats towards the wiki or its members.

Other Rules

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