• HeadlessKramerGeoff777

    NOTE: The Summery contains direct quotes from the Candle Cove Wiki, specifically this page

    Candle Cove was an American experimental puppet TV-show, aimed at children. It was originally going to be called "Pirate Place".

    Locally produced in Ironton, Ohio, the show advertised itself as modestly trying to handle avantgarde educational contents through new techniques, both visual, artistic, and technical.

    It apparently was loosely based on a short story called "The Nickerbocker's Tale" from 1767.

    Tier: Unknown, possibly 8-C with the Candle Cove Curse

    Name: Candle Cove, Pirate Place, "Puppet show from Hell"

    Origin: Candle Cove Mythos

    Gender: Genderless

    Age: 50 (First aired in 1968)

    Classification: Messed up kids-show, Cursed television broadcast

    Powers and Abilit…

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    Tier: Unknown

    Name: Slender Man

    Origin: Slender Man (2018 Film)

    Gender: Unknown, referred to as male

    Age: Unknown

    Classification: Supernatural evil being

    Powers and Abilities: Teleportation, Mind Manipulation, Fear Inducment, Madness Manipulation (Unknown; Possibly Types 2, 3, and 4), Illusion Creation, Darkness Manipulation, Technological Manipulation (Distorts and manipulates videos), Perception Manipulation (Vision, Hearing, and Sensation Manipulation), Can produce tendrils from its body, possibly can create fog and has a type of Immortality

    Attack Potency: Unknown

    Speed: Unknown (Seems to mostly move via teleportation), possibly Peak Human attack speed (Tendrils/Tentacles can rush…

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    The Operator is a supernatural entity taking the form of a gray, featureless figure in a suit, and the main antagonist of the Marble Hornets franchise. He is the in-series incarnation of Slender Man, albeit with sufficient differences to set him apart from the main version.

    Currently, the Operator's motives are unknown except that it stalks the main cast for reasons unknown.

    Tier: Unknown

    Name: The Operator

    Origin: Marble Hornets

    Gender: Possibly inapplicable, referred to as a male

    Age: Unknown

    Classification: Supernatural Entity

    Powers and Abilities: Teleportation, Reality Warping, Technological Manipulation (Able to intefere with technology.), Body Control (Able to extend/stretch its limbs), Immortality (Type 8; can only be rendered killable by des…

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    Jeffery Woods is main protagonist of the “reboot” Jeff the Killer story called Jeff the Killer 2015 and its sequels created by K. Banning Kellum. Due to the original Jeff the Killer’s story being deleted from the Creepypasta Wiki for its terrible storytelling and formula. This “reboot” was the winner of the Creepypasta Wiki contest and is now its “definitive” Jeff the Killer story.

    Tier: Likely 10-B, possibly 10-A physically. 9-C with Knife

    Name: Jeffery Woods

    Origin: Creepypasta

    Gender: Male

    Age: 15 (Jeff the Killer 2015), 19 (Scars of Corruption), Unknown (Jane, Disturbingly Cruel, Lui)


    Powers and Abilities: Athletic Human Physical Characteristics, Skilled Boxer, Stealth Mastery, Weapon Mastery, limited Resistance to Pain, possibly Skilled…

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  • Paulo.junior.969

    I already have bothe the time and the distance, so this should the most simple calc ever:

    In the DC universe, the Big Bang crossed over sixty-trillion lightyears in half a second.

    60,000,000,000,000 light years in 0.5 seconds = 3.7869779400014126e+21 times the speed of light.

    Speed of the Big Bang in the DC Universe: 3,786,977,940,001,412,608,096 times the speed of light.

    Outrunning the Big Bang in the DC Universe makes the character over three sextillion times faster than the speed of light.

    Flash did that without any outside help.

    Tl;dr: We can get rid of the "eleven billion times faster than light without stealing speed" that is on Wally West's page; he is much faster than that.

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    Tier: At least 9-B, likely 9-A | Unknown, presumably 10-B

    Name: Valkyrie | Varies

    Origin: Creepypasta

    Gender: Genderless | Varies

    Age: Unknown

    Classification: Supernatural train | Undead spirits

    Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Soul Manipulation, Immortality (Type 7), Necromancy, Vehicular Physiology, possibly Smoke Manipulation | Immortality (Type 7)

    Attack Potency: At least Wall level, likely Small Building level (Kinetic Energy is this strong) | Unknown, presumably Human level (Are undead humans)

    Speed: Superhuman (Speed of an average train)

    Lifting Strength:

    Striking Strength:

    Durability: At least Wall level, likely Small Building level (Could survive bullets and bombs) | Unknown, presumably Human level

    Stamina: Unknown

    Range: Standard melee range


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    Tier: 10-C | 9-B

    Name: Peter Parker, Spider-Man

    Origin: Creepypasta

    Gender: Male

    Age: Unknown

    Classification: Evil Spider-Man

    Powers and Abilities: Telepathy and Teleportation | Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Blood Manipulation, Web Creation, Rage Power

    Attack Potency: Below Human level | Wall level (Easily ripped off people’s heads and limbs, torn Mary Jane’s spine out of her back).

    Speed: Unknown

    Lifting Strength: Unknown

    Striking Strength: Class BH | Class KJ

    Durability: Likely Below Human level (Is a comic and a small action figure) | Wall level

    Stamina: Unknown

    Range: Unknown | Varies

    Intelligence: Unknown

    Weaknesses: None Notable

    Key: In the Real World | In Comic

    Notable Victories:

    Notable Losses:

    Inconclusive Matches:

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    July 23, 2018 by HeadlessKramerGeoff777

    Tier: 9-C

    Name: Valentine Ambrose Lombard the 2nd

    Origin: Creepypasta

    Gender: Male

    Age: Unknown


    Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Telekinesis, Stealth Mastery, Skilled Knife User

    Attack Potency: Street level


    Lifting Strength:

    Striking Strength:




    Standard Equipment:



    Notable Attacks/Techniques:

    Notable Victories:

    Notable Losses:

    Inconclusive Matches:

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    Superman is the main antagonist of the creepypasta story, Superman: No Heroes. The story follows a Superman fan who buys a comicbook that somehow brings the titular character to torment the narrator. Unlike the traditional versions of Superman, this version’s powers and limits are very much a mystery and left vague for the story.

    Tier: Unknown

    Name: Superman

    Origin: Creepypasta

    Gender: Male

    Age: Unknown

    Classification: Evil Superman

    Powers and Abilities: 4th Wall Awareness, Teleportation between comics books, Reality Warping/Information Manipulation, possibly Telepathy (Seems to know what the narrator is thinking), presumably Superhuman Physical Characteristics (To an unknown extent), Flight, and other powers of “normal” Superman

    Attack Potency: Unknown (…

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    July 23, 2018 by HeadlessKramerGeoff777

    Tier: Unknown, at least 10-B

    Name: Unknown, Gascots

    Origin: Creepypasta

    Gender: Varies

    Age: Unknown

    Classification: Unknown “inhabitants” of Disney

    Powers and Abilities: Technological Manipulation, Teleportation, Immortality (Types 1 and 7), Enhanced Senses, Sound Manipulation, possibly Non-Corporeal and Illusion Creation

    Attack Potency: Unknown, likely Human level

    Speed: Below Average Human (They move like a wounded, shambling animals)

    Lifting Strength: Unknown

    Striking Strength: Likely Class H

    Durability: Unknown

    Stamina: Unknown

    Range: Unknown

    Standard Equipment: Gas mask

    Intelligence: Unknown

    Weaknesses: Unknown

    Notable Victories:

    Notable Losses:

    Inconclusive Matches:

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  • HeadlessKramerGeoff777

    Tier: Likely 9-C

    Name: Unknown, Mascot, Negative Mickey

    Origin: Creepypasta

    Gender: Unknown

    Age: Unknown


    Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Immortality (Type 7), Life Support, Technological Manipulation (Messes up cameras), possibly Telekinesis and limited Sound Manipulation (Could be responsible for the strange occurrences around the park.)

    Attack Potency: Street level (Can tear off its own head.)

    Speed: Unknown

    Lifting Strength: Unknown

    Striking Strength: Class KJ

    Durability: Unknown

    Stamina: Unknown, possibly limitless (Seems to be undead)

    Range: Standard melee range

    Intelligence: At least Average

    Weaknesses: None Notable

    Notable Victories:

    Notable Losses:

    Inconclusive Matches:

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  • Lonkitt

    Indiana Jones profile?

    July 22, 2018 by Lonkitt

    I was wondering if anyone here knew about Indiana Jones so we could make him a profile. Compiling the stats for some of the weapons he uses will be easy, but finding his physical strength, durability, and skills is the main focus here. We could probably start with this durability feat.

    Here's a feat which might be an outlier, but its worth mentioning I guess. In Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Indy breaks Mac's nose. The reason I mention this is because Mac survives this car collision. Again, this could be an outlier.

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  • Mr. Bambu

    D&D Respect Thread

    July 21, 2018 by Mr. Bambu

    I think I've analyzed most of my feats, and the following are the feats I believe should be 100% applicable. Anything left out, you ask? I won't consider it for ratings.

    • Level one characters compare to spellcasters that can emit large scale flames and heat metal to white-hot temperatures; Wall level
    • More low-tier feats include Flaming Sphere and Acid Breath; Wall level

    Conclusion: 9-B

    • Erupting Earth and Melf's Minute Meteors cause decent locale damage, along with Wall of Fire; Room level
    • Other spells on this tier include Flaming Sphere, Energy Vortex, Blast of Flame, and Acid Breath; Room level
    • Fireballs and Cones of Cold are a thing; Room level
    • Most beings on this level can battle a Delver, who can melt stone; Room level

    Conclusion: 9-A

    • Casters o…

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  • Mr. Bambu

    I don't have this game, seems pretty cool but still. Obscure as hell, only know about it from Let's Play. Gonna do some quick respect thread stuff for this.

    I'll be yoinking these. 

    Via Acid Attack. 

    "Deal 1 extra damage each turn (even when you don't otherwise attack)." This card activates as soon as it is purchased and is applicable only on the turn of the player who owns the card. Additionally, this card doesn't affect entering or leaving Tokyo. Only Attacking someone (with dice) affects the King of Tokyo.

    Can use "points" to purchase new abilities on the fly. Pretty much what the whole game is based around. Also, via Alien Metabolism, which allows the evolution to occur faster.

    Via Eater of the Dead. It increases their power and is activate…

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  • Mr. Bambu

    This tempest monster has a Living Storm following them at all times, obscuring visibility and putting out non-magical flames. Feat was brought to me by Foggysniper, always happy to lend a hand. 

    Here's a quick calculation.

    Low-End radius is 4.023 km, High-End radius is 8.047 km. Height of a storm cloud is a standard 9.144 km. 

    High-End Volume: 1.86e12 m^3

    Low-End Volume: 4.65e11 m^3

    It doesn't imply this physically damages anything, just drops heavy rain, so I think Light Instability is okay. It's heavy enough to obscure vision and put out open flames.

    Density of storm clouds as per this wiki's standards is 1.003 kg/m^3, so mass is as follows.

    High-End: 1.866 x 10^12 kg

    Low-End: 4.664 x 10^11 kg

    Let's get values.

    Low-End: 4.664e14 Joules, Large Town…

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  • Paleomario66

    NOTE: This is a Work In Progress.

    As of right now, the Dragon Ball pages, particularly the keys for the Dragon Ball Super series, on this wiki are a complete mess. Some of the keys for the DBS series are High 3-A while others are High 3-A to Low 2-C. There are also some other things that need to be addressed for the profiles for series.

    The main two feats that are placing the Dragon Ball characters at these tiers, which were agreed on in this blog, are Vegeta destroying the Hyperbolic Time Chamber twice (the second time just by powering up to Super Saiyan Blue), and Hit creating a separate world with his improved Time Skip in episode 72 of Dragon Ball Super.

    The size of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber is was once implied to be Earth-sized, but Dende stated i…

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  • Mr. Bambu


    July 20, 2018 by Mr. Bambu

    Been talking with a few folks at VSBW and they all seem lovely and probably have been playing D&D longer than I have. One of them found some neato spells to calc that might give good, viable, and consistent feats for very high tier characters (Elminster, Bigby, Mordenkainen, and so on). 

    Wowie. So, with this heavy-duty spell, the user can generate a small-tier ice age. It creates a 20 mile radius ice age, covering all land within that area with ice. The temperature drops by 100 degrees, and water instantly freezes. So! Let's calc that.

    For a low-end, we'll assume they mean 100 F, which is what they imply. However, we know water freezes instantly at -40 C, which would be a bit higher, so we'll use that as a high-end. I'm gonna say high-end is…

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  • Mr. Bambu

    One more time. 

    So the spell, Apocalypse from the Sky, creates an apocalypse in the sky. At baseline, it is 170 miles in radius. It creates, basically, a storm of fire, acid, or sound (?). We'll do fire, and acid. One is probably an outlier. 

    For fire. Density of fire is about 0.3 kg/m^3. Assuming the apocalypse takes the shape of a cloud, our height would be 9144 meters. 170 mile radius (273588 m) means our cylinder has a volume of 2.150e15 m^3. Mass is 6.451 x 10^14 kg. 

    Heat of fire is 585 C (sauce). Average temp is 16 C. Heat change is 569 C. 

    We have mass, we have heat change, we'll say this has the specific heat of air, so let's get a heat change calculator and smack up this bad boy. 

    3.715 x 10^20 Joules is our result, plugging in 1012 J…

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  • Mr. Bambu

    Asked on VSBW, didn't get an answer. How much energy does it take to cover the world in darkness? Let's find out.

    We'll use this for density. Assuming the smoke blocks out MOST (if not all) light, we get a density of 0.004 kg/m^3 (rounding up). 

    Let's assume the smoke had the same height as clouds. Seems fair. 9144 m height. The surface area of Earth is 5.1e14 m^2, so our volume is 4.663e18 m^3. 

    Mass is 1.865 x 10^16 kg. 

    We can also assume it was shot out from one point, and cascaded to the rest of the Earth, meaning we can make several assumptions on time. 

    Instant: 1 second (High-End)

    Not Instant: 1 minute (Mid-End)

    Took Some Time: 1 hour (Low-End)

    Lengthy Period of Time: 1 month (Lowest-End)

    Circumference of Earth: 40074275 meters. Halve for t…

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  • Mr. Bambu

    Kos could create the Hunter's Nightmare, which contains a "possessed moon". Could be a good basis for mid-game tier foes, since Kos died to the hands of the likes of Maria. 

    So, we'll get the GBE of a dimension with a moon within it. 

    U=(3GM^2)/5R is our calculation for this. 

    Our radius is what we will establish first. We can assume we're on an Earth-like planet within the dream, unless otherwise stated not to be. To get a diameter, we can add Earth's diameter to the distance to the moon to the diameter of the moon, then halve for radius. This gets us a radius of 200344415 m. 

    The mass of our dimension would be equivalent to the mass of the moon, the Earth, and whatever asteroids are in between, but that's inconsequential. So, our mass is 6.0…

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  • Mr. Bambu

    Rom the Vacuous Spider, a mid-game boss, holds the Paleblood Moon in place. Very simple calc, we know it'd have to overcome the KE of the moon. Let's go. 

    Moon has a speed of 1023 m/s. Has a mass of 7.348 x 10^22 kg. 

    KE = 1/2m x v^2

    m = 7.348e22

    v = 1023

    Doing this math, we get a KE of 3.845 x 10^28 Joules, or Multi-Continent level. It's just barely below Multi-Continent level+. Additionally, we know that his feat is much higher than this- the moon moves MUCH FASTER than in real life once Rom is killed. So we could simply assume baseline Moon level. So we'll assume that as a fair high-end. 

    Rom Holds the Moon in Place (Low-End): 9.19 Exatons of TNT, Multi-Continent level

    Rom Holds the Moon in Place (High-End): 29.7 Exatons of TNT, Moon level

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  • Mr. Bambu

    In Swords of Ditto, the weather changes with the current ruler- if the Sword has prevailed, then the weather will be sunny and nice, if not, then it will become dark, grim, and... less nice. We can assume Mormo causes this, and it scales to the Sword themselves. 

    Ditto is implied to be a VERY SMALL island country. As far as I know, we don't see the whole land, so as a neat alternative, we'll compare it to the smallest country in the world (that I know of). Nauru.

    Nauru has a surface area of 8.108 mi^2, or just about 21 km^2. 

    Assuming this is a storm cloud, we can assume a height of 9144 meters, making total volume 192.024 km^3, or 1.920 x 10^11 m^3. Clouds have a mass of 0.0005 kg/m^3, so our mass is 9.6 x 10^7 kg. 

    We know this storm is made…

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  • Mr. Bambu

    One last Absolver low-tier calc. It's for this badboy, which generates an energy in the air that launches foes backwards some amount. 

    So, first. Shockwave has roughly the same AoE as Earthquake. Meaning a radius of 7.048 meters. 

    The attack knocks foes back, meaning pretty strong winds. According to this, to move an object just over half the weight of a fully-armored Absolver would need 45 mph to move them. Okay. We'll use this as a massive low-end. 

    Volume of a sphere with this radius would be 1466.51 m^3. Density of air is 1.225 kg/m^3, so our mass is 1796.475. This wind was moving at 45 mph, or 20.117 m/s. 

    Keep in mind, this can also affect human beings- the highest I've seen is five. Each of these, with equipment, should weigh at most 10…

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  • Mr. Bambu

    Just archiving this bad boy. Rena, from Higurashi, caught an airsoft pellet. 

    Based on the images in THAT blog, her arm is 0.634 meters long. We can assume her arm moved a 45 degree angle to catch the pellet, so we can get the measurement of that angle. 

    Plug our values into here to get a distance moved of 0.498 meters. 

    Airsoft pellets from a low-velovity weapon like a pistol should probably use the lowest end- 90 m/s. 

    Now then, we know the distance she traveled and the comparative speed of the object, but what about the distance traveled by the object itself? We can make some assumptions. As a high-end, we'll use the original blog's angsizing, which I find to be inaccurate but should stand as a good example of how stuff can be extrapolated.…

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  • Darkmon cns

    So a awhile ago I said I would make a hax power page or hax explanation page for supernatural. And so I'm finally going to start putting it here.

    Supernatural is home to basically every power in the book. EVERY POWER. From luck manipulation to timeloop creation to conceptual manplation.

    Note: saving sorry just bringing this here I felt bad saying i would do this then never making progress on the actual blog. Just putting progress reports on a thread. I'll continue later.

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  • Mr. Bambu

    Gravity is an attack that does a bit of damage, but MASSIVELY decreases movement speed and evasive ability. Here's the page for it, sparse as it is. 

    For this, we're going to do a GPE calc with double Earth's actual gravity, since that is pretty much what it does. 

    Average mass of a human is 88.768 kg (male). We'll add 20 kg, assuming the enemy has VERY HEAVY gear on. So 108.768 kg. 

    PE = mgh

    mass = 108.768 kg

    gravity = 9.81 m/s^2 x 2 = 19.62 m/s^2

    height = 1.77 meters

    PE = 3777.230 Joules, Wall level

    Another low-tier Street level. Oof. Thankfully, this does next to no damage, so it makes sense. That said... let's say we're higher. We can get to points a few stories off the ground- so let's make our height 7 meters, for shits and giggles. 

    Doing th…

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  • Mr. Bambu

    Just going to get a quick value for an Early-Game Absolver feat. Namely? They can create very low-tier earthquakes by hitting the ground, powered by Essence.

    So. To do this, first we need a radius. We'll see the EQ in action. 

    Firstly, we'll compare to these guys and assume that man in the back is average height (177 cm). Then, we'll compare to the radius of the earthquake, seen in the next image. 

    Prospect Height = 109 Pixels = 177 cm

    1 Pixel = 1.624 cm

    High-End Earthquake Radius = 434 Pixels = 704.816 cm

    Low-End Earthquake Radius = 209 Pixels = 339.416 cm

    From this, we can get surface area of a circle, netting us an area of 156.06 m^2. Low-end 36.19 m^2. 

    Using our value here for light seismic activity, we can multiply area by seismic energy to …

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  • Mr. Bambu

    Carried over from here, just need to get the value for something in between solar system and universe- galaxies. 

    Just gonna use most of the values from here, but adapt it to our galaxy.

    Radius of the Galaxy:  500,000,000,000,000,000 km

    Surface Area of the Galaxy: 3.14e42 m^2

    We know our value for light seismic activity (as in, a noticeable shake)- 2760000000 J/m^2.

    Energy = Seismic Energy * Area = 8.666 x 10^51 Joules, Solar System level. Neet. Again, this is a BARELY NOTICEABLE SHAKE- it could easily yield far higher. 

    Somebody Shakes the Stars Themselves (Low-End): 86.66 MegaFoe, Solar System level

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  • Mr. Bambu

    Hellbeast approached me and asked me to rework this bad boy but for a solar system. So let's do it. 

    Unlike Kep, we're gonna try to get a lot more ends than just one immense lowball. We'll also use our own solar system as a leaping point.

    His low-end was a "Light", or a IV on the Mercalli Intensity Scale.

    Forgive me if a ramble, by the way, sort of talking myself through this. Now then, Kep says the value for Earth alone is 2760000000.

    The radius of our solar system is 4.545 billion km. This makes our surface area of the solar system 2.6 x 10^20 km^2 (or 2.6e26 m^2). 

    Just like Kep. Seismic Energy x Area = Energy (in Joules). 

    Doing this nets us 7.176 x 10^35 Joules, or Large Planet level. Neato. This is the minimum energy required to make a not…

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  • Mr. Bambu

    Just recalcing this bad boy to fit our standards, since it seems to be the justification for 6-C MLP. 

    So, we'll assume his volume and all that is fine, since it seems to have been checked before. However, we know cloud density is ACTUALLY 0.0005 kg/m^3, our mass is changed from 4.018e13 to 2.003e10 kg. 

    So, using our values in that blog, we can get a new KE value of the following ends.

    Low-End: (0.5 x 2.003e10) x 19962.5^2 = 953.87 Megatons of TNT, Mountain level+

    High-End: (0.5 x 2.003e10) x 62382.8125^2 = 9.32 Gigatons of TNT, Island level

    Personally, I'm in favor of the former rather than the latter. Even the original user said, and I quote, "yikes" in response to the second one. 

    Storm is Cleared (Low-End): 953.87 Megatons of TNT, Mountain l…

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  • Mr. Bambu

    Mythology Calc: Peng?

    July 14, 2018 by Mr. Bambu

    Peng is a big Thing? It's a Chinese mythical creature. Apparently it has some VERY solid feats, so let's go, eh? Requested by Imaginym.

    So first off, P'eng is first described by a man who says he doesn't know how many li he is wide. A thousand li translates to 500000 meters- so P'eng is at least 500 kilometers wide. Let's say Peng is at least 500000 x 500000 by this logic, or 2.5 x 10^12 m^2. 

    Gonna use this as an AP comparison. Based on it, P'eng should have a surface area comparable to Egypt, Mexico, Australia, and China. So... High 6-B seems alright, based on size alone.

    Part two, here we come!

    P'eng boiled the sea by taking off, for three thousand li. That's 1.5 million meters. Let's get volume of water with a cylinder as deep a…

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  • Mr. Bambu

    I'm against the idea that you are as strong in the beginning of the game as the end of the game- that simply isn't true. Based on that, Engels (who currently share the same Tier 7 rating as End of Game 2B and all that) shouldn't scale. In fact, this should establish AP for all early game bosses, and the character herself- 2B and 9S. 

    Let's give it a shot. We're going to calc the KE of an Engel swinging its massive arm. 

    While it's hard to tell due to angle, this image suggests 2B and 9S are roughly the same height as the Engel's head. 

    2B is, according to Square Enix (in their guidebook), 168 cm. 

    With that out of the way, we can now attempt to scale the head to the arm. As for the swing itself- we will kinda sorta steel the math from here for…

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  • Mr. Bambu

    Somebody apparently threw this absolute unit. Let's get his mass. This was requested by SupahCabre btw.

    The house in front of Poww is ~31 pixels, which translates to 3 meters. 

    1 Pixel = 9.68 cm

    Poww is estimated to be 485 pixels tall (curvature makes it weird). So his height is 4694.8 cm (just under 47 meters). 

    We're going to assume his body is the shape of a pyramid, since it appears to be the closest fit to his shape. Meaning we'll need to length of his base. 

    His base is 443 Pixels long. So 4288.24 cm. This will be baseline for both of his base lengths since we don't see a 3D version of him.

    We'll get volume for a rectangular prism and assume he's just sort of bent over. This volume gets us 28775.57 m^3. 

    Density of human flesh (our assumed …

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  • Mr. Bambu

    A Prototype Boi leaves the room before Dana Mercer can react. This won't yield any significant upgrades, but hey, let's calc it anyways.

    We're gonna do this nice and simple. We'll assume he got out the door of the room partially before she could react. This means at least a few meters were moved, as it is a relatively average sized room. We'll say 5m as a baseline. 

    The average human can react in 0.25 seconds. So our man must have moved 5 meters in less than 0.25 seconds. We'll say 0.20 for sake of ease. 

    5 meters / 0.20 seconds = 25 m/s, Superhuman

    As a high-end, we'll go with the requester's suggestion of exiting the entire floor of the apartment. I think that's not likely, but hey, why not. 

    According to this, square footage of an apartment …

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  • Mr. Bambu

    I probably won't make pages for this? I just wanna get an idea of how impressive it is before making choices. Early on in this OLD AS HELL video game, you (singularly) bust down a large steel gate. Pretty neat, let's check it out.

    Here's an image of the gate, already pretty banged up from one hit. 

    We'll assume these guys are a little taller than average, so about 1.8 meters. 

    Elf = 76 Pixels = 180 cm

    1 Pixel = 2.368 cm

    Now for the gate's dimensions

    Width = 237 Pixels = 561.216 cm

    Height = 156 Pixels = 369.408

    Depth = 5.5 Pixels = 13.024

    Volume = 2700105.470 cm^3

    However, there are these little cubes in the steel. Let's get one's volume and multiply it by the number of cubes, to exclude their volume.

    Height = 18 Pixels = 42.624 cm

    Width = 22 Pixels = …

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  • Mr. Bambu

    This girl in a manga I've never read broke a boulder. This was requested by Damage3245. As usual, take this with a grain of salt- my eyes are crap and I have issues with looking at manga. Sorry.

    Here's the feat in question. Kyoka's sound powers (?) generate a pulse, shattering that boulder. 

    Apparently she's 154 cm tall. That's a bit lower than average- about 87%. So we'll assume her head is also only 87% of average, which is 23.9 cm. 

    This means her head should be 20.8 cm tall.

    Head Height = 15 Pixels = 20.8 cm

    1 Pixel = 1.387 cm

    The boulder is 66 pixels wide, and 48 pixels tall. We'll halve an ellipsoid's volume to get the boulder's volume.

    Height = 66.576 cm

    Width = 91.542 cm (halve for radius of 45.771)

    Volume: 5.84e5 cm^3

    Halve for 2.92e5 cm^3. …

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  • Mr. Bambu

    SCP Calc: SCP-3000

    July 6, 2018 by Mr. Bambu

    We've done the speed for this already, based on the assumption that the being moves at speeds similar to an Anaconda. Now we're just going to apply assumed speeds to AP, by combining it with mass.

    This image is used to scale. That small shape in front of the snake is a human figure. We'll scale it to the width of the darkened snake body parts in the background, and get a volume.

    Human = 16.5 Pixels = 177 cm = 10.73 cm/pixel

    Width of Snake Body = 67 Pixels = 718.91 cm width. Divide by two to get radius of 359.46 cm.

    We know the body itself is 900 km long. We'll get volume for a cylinder.

    pi x 359.46^2 x 90000000 = 3.653 x 10^13 cm^3

    We'll use density of a human, since it is generally just "flesh". That means 1020 kg/m^3, making our mass 372606000…

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  • Mr. Bambu

    It's important for Absolver. Just gonna get the AP of a real-life wild boar's standard attack- charging, goring foes with their tusks. 

    Average male boar weighs 220 lbs (99.79 kg). They can also run at an average of 30 mph at peak (13.4 m/s). 

    KE = 0.5m * v^2

    m = 99.79 kg

    v = 13.4

    KE = 8959.146 Joules, Wall level. Radical. Lines up with Absolver characters just tanking being cut up by swords pretty casually. 

    Boar Runs: 8959.146 Joules, Wall level

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  • Mr. Bambu

    That's right boys, and after this I'm gonna calc ALL OF ROBLOX (kill me).

    The Meme Engine's pal knocked over some brick tower with a crash. He didn't destroy it, just pushed it enough that it started to fall over. Let's get this over with.

    First off, my assumption. The buildings we see are about 1.5 times Thomas' height. And even for that, we'll have to make assumptions. As a transport locomotive, we know he is going to have a car at least three meters tall (one story). So five meters in total seems fair, as his body is elevated and extends beyond that car (at its highest point, that is).

    For our last assumption, we will assume that the tower itself is somewhere between the furthest and closest building. Why? We can take the pixel average hei…

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  • Mr. Bambu

    So, this blog is more just to depict the fighting styles found in Absolver. I'm making this because the four of them make HUGE differences. Knowing all four of them (as some do) depicts a true master. 

    Forsaken is a heavily offensive-leaning style meant to offer counter-attack opportunities. Upon being attacked, the user can parry, stunning their foe to open up an opportunity for a counter-attack. The school features moderate damaging attacks, generally taking the form of a kick. The users are additionally adept with blades, capable of parrying them with their own weapons. 

    Kahlt style features a heavily defensive fighting style, typically used to absorb damage into oneself, taking minimal damage at best. The style includes several noteworth…

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  • Mr. Bambu

    Pretty simple. This boys dialogue suggests the Mentors (leaders of the Absolvers) were going to destroy the city of Raslan. We don't know how many Mentors there are, but still. We'll guesstimate.

    Here's a quote, so you don't hafta click that naughty link if you don't want to.

    "After the Downfall, some of us wanted to completely destroy the city, but Simeon decided against it. He wanted it to be a reminder of the folly of men. It was only much later that Raslan became the training grounds for Absolvers."

    So. We will assume they meant via explosion, since that is the definitive way to destroy a large locale, and we'll assume they meant literally DESTROY, since it is pretty much ruined as is. 

    We do have a map, and an actually competent one, than…

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  • Mr. Bambu

    Absolver Blog

    July 5, 2018 by Mr. Bambu

    Been playing the game a lot today, beaten it already (it's really short) but pretty solid. The lore is sort of hard to get to, but this just about sums up most relevant information. Let's talk about feats.

    BoG Absolvers (Prospects) should be 9-B or so. A singular Absolver can tank literally tons of attacks from a sword and be just fine. This is even further supported by the slew of statements on item descriptions that state Absolvers from other lands can take on wild boars, and that their armor protects them from "Large teeth and powerful jaws". 

    Mentors should be AT LEAST 8-B. We don't know how many Mentors there are. We probably will never know. But we do know that the Mentors planned on destroying the city of Raslan based on this:

    "After t…

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  • Mr. Bambu

    Assuming this is a feat worthy of note (I doubt it will be), this will scale to literally all enemies above the Silverfish (i.e., those less powerful than a Creeper explosion but more powerful than dealing 1 damage). Basically? The Slime can lift its entire body into the air by a meter, to jump over a block. Let's calc that briefly. 

    According to this, the top size for slime is 0.51 + (size) * 0.51 blocks tall and wide. Since we know it has three sizes, Size Three is our largest. This equates to 2.04 blocks (meters) tall and wide. Cubing this nets us 8.49 m^3 of slime.

    For density, we'll use this, 1352.56 kg/m^3. Our mass is 11483.23 kg. 

    For a low-end, we'll get Potential Energy. 

    PE = mgh

    We know all of these variables already- mass is 11483.…

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  • Mr. Bambu

    Just compiling feats before making a Power Page. So yeah.

    Even a base-level Terraria can chop a tree into dozens of pieces within short time; 398383.518 JoulesWall level

    Terrarian makes use of bombs with a significant blast radius; 2.068 x 10^7 Joules, Wall level+

    King Slime can move at speeds approaching those of a meteor; 21.05 Kilotons, Town level

    King Slime can create storms of slime that fall from the sky that cover the entirety of the Terrarian island; 3.99 Gigatons, Small Island level+

    The Wall of Flesh holds back the Spirits of Light and Darkness, which, once unleashed, terraform the entirety of the island the Terrarian is on, including the mountain ranges in the background; 25.00 Gigatons, Island level

    The Mechanical Bosses are laugha…

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  • Mr. Bambu

    This is a bomb. You can use it to blow stuff up. It's available in the beginning of the game, so we're gonna calc it. It should apply to base-form Terrarian AP, since they can kill enemies that can survive this. 

    To the right we see a bomb's explosion radius. 

    Terrarian: 36 Pixels (177 cm)

    Pixel: 4.917 cm each

    Blast Radius: 476.92 cm wide (97 pixels)

    R = Y^1/3 * 0.28

    R = Radius in Kilometers

    Y = Yield in Kilotons of TNT

    We get a result of 4.942e-6 Kilotons of TNT, or 2.068 x 10^7 Joules. Wall level+, I believe. Almost Room level

    Terrarian Hurls Bombs: 2.068 x 10^7 Joules, Wall level+

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  • Mr. Bambu

    Just a quick calc for the Terrarian LITERALLY shattering trees into pieces of wood. It's a beginning-of-game feat, so let's talk about it very briefly. 

    Here is an image of a VERY small tree from Terraria- for a baseline. Even starting gear can destroy this relatively easily, turning into bits. For our sake, we'll consider it a cylinder.

    Terrarian: 43 Pixels (177 cm)

    1 Pixel = 4.12 cm 

    Tree Height = 143 Pixels = 589.16 cm

    Tree Width = 17 Pixels = 70.04 cm

    Volume of Cylinder = pi*r^2*h = 2269945.39 cm^3

    We can probably add to this, because of the presence of little offshoots. Since they may be significant, we'll add them, too.

    Width: 8 Pixels (32.96 cm)

    Length: 30 Pixels (123.6 cm)

    Volume of Branch: 105458.78 x 4 (4 branches) = 421835.14 cm^3

    Total Vo…

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  • Mr. Bambu

    A sports game with feats? WHAT? Anyways. Some ancient tennis racket holds some shadow thing and it makes a storm when Luigi picks up the racket. I saw it in this video, about 2:20 in.

    The storm starts forming at 2:30 and is fully-fledged by the time of 2:34. Four seconds. 

    We can assume a radius of 4.7 km, as we see it from the height of regular people. Standard storm height is 9144 meters (30000 feet). 

    Volume: 6.346 x 10^11 m^3

    Density of Clouds: 0.0005 kg/m^3

    Mass: 3.173 x 10^8 kg

    This mass dispersed from the center to the ends of its radius in four seconds, so divide radius by four to get speed.

    Speed: 4700 meters / 4 seconds = 1175 m/s

    KE = 1/2m * v^2 = 2.190 x 10^14 Joules, or Town level+. Neato. This in line with its feat that came IMMEDIAT…

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  • Mr. Bambu

    At the beginning of the apocalypse, Michael and Lucifer's apocalypse began, and massive earthquakes shook the world. 

    Just gonna make a vague calc, since once again, this is based on statements.

    NEWS REPORTER: Reports are flooding in – a 7.6 earthquake in Portland, 8.1 in Boston, more in Hong Kong, Berlin, and Tehran. The U.S.G.S. has no explanation but says to expect a six-figure death toll.

    We have two just in the US. 7.6 and 8.1. Let's use this, it does the work for us.

    Portland Earthquake: 3.097 x 10^20 Joules

    Boston Earthquake: 1.742 x 10^21 Joules

    We can assume there are many more, so we'll just multiply the answer by four. 

    Adding together: 2.052 x 10^21 Joules, Large Island level (just below Large Island+). Good low-end.

    Times four: 8.208 …

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  • Mr. Bambu

    Just making this for archiving reasons. Uriel and Cas were going to smite a whole town. In fact, this isn't the first time Uriel has done this.

    Now, notably, Uriel says he has smitten CITIES. So this could likely be 7-B. We could easily defend that point. However, this calc is meant for this specific town.

    We can assume the average household houses about 3 people. The population of this town is 1214, meaning we have 405 houses (rounding up). We can assume the place has at least a few very sizable buildings for public use and administration, so we will add a further 8. We can also assume that for every two people there is one business or miscellaneous buildings in town, making our total for this category 203 House units. This equates to 616 H…

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