• Mr. Bambu

    900 Pages/Minor Calc

    December 14, 2017 by Mr. Bambu

    Hey guys. Just popping in to say that after a couple of page creations from yours truly (2 SCP pieces, namely SCP-305 and SCP-319), we have now hit 900 pages on the wiki. That's... ridiculously good. 

    With that out of the way, I just felt like posting this calc real quick. It doesn't include anything fancy like angsizing or pixel scaling. Just normal scaling of creatures. 

    SCP-3000 was, until recently, listed as Massively Hypersonic as an estimation of speed. I don't like estimating very much so I went to the trouble to track down some inkling of how to get a reasonable speed for the beast. Here's what I found by comparing SCP-3000 to an Anaconda:

    Anaconda Length: 29 feet

    Anaconda Speed: 

    Low End: 5 mph (8 kmh)

    Mid End: 8 mph (13 kmh)

    High End: 1…

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  • Mysterymist the omnipotent interplanetary idiot

    okay, this is taken from vs battles.

    1. If Beerus fought in the time nest, he would destroy that dimension of time, aka the 4th dimension. They specify the dimension of "time" not a Universe. Beerus is completely uncaring and not afraid at all, as is Whis. he is willing to go nap even back at his temple while such a threat looms over the multiverse from Demigra to.

    2. Mira and Towa exist outside the flow of time, even during their battles, Demigra, Goku, Bardock, the patrollers etc have also fought outside of time in the crack of time, and can indeed fight against Towa and Mira as well. This shows they can freely leave the flow of time and multiverse, a…

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  • Mr. Bambu

    Hey guys. I know that blogs are literally the least of our concerns but I figure this one is worth it. I'd like an opinion on a minor update and improvement to the wiki itself. 

    My idea here is that we should collect all calcs and feats for various verses. Keep them organized here, slowly work and root through them to find the legitimate ones, and place them all within a page on the wiki simply titled "Power Page: (Insert Verse Here)". Make it only accessible by admins but add notations that normal users can send calc links to any legitimate admin to keep them edited.

    I see this as a good way of keeping all the feats of the verse lined up. Here's how I figure a page would look:

    (Verse Image)

    Here, insert a summary of the verse in question's ov…

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  • Darkmon cns

    MLP thouts

    June 4, 2017 by Darkmon cns

    after thinking about this I realized that the first RainBoom is an outlier for rainbow dash, she has done the rainboom plenty of times and never has it done anything like what the first one did. maybe outlier is the wrong word but adult Rainbow Dash has never managed to use the Rainboom in such a way as the original nor has she shown such endurance after it such as when she broke her wing from a simple crash and got knocked out for an unknown period of time in read it and weep

    stirring up all the dust in a dusty old barn that she was trying to take down so applejack can make a new one doesn't count as a Mushroom cloud, seriously by definition there would need to be radiation in the cloud for it to be a Mushroom cloud i'm sorry if I come off…

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  • ConsumingFire

    Nothing most people here don't already know about. Hulk one-shots an alien bus with teeth.

    I simply felt like verifying the kinetic energy yield of this feat.

    First off, to do this, I need to know the size of both Hulk and the Leviathan. For this I'm gauging Hulk's size relative to the real life height of Mark Ruffalo. Ruffalo is 5'8", and seeing as Hulk is approximately half again as tall, he should be around 8'6" when standing upright. I then used Hulk's height to get an estimate on the total length of the Leviathan. I got it to around 13 Hulk body lengths, which should make the Leviathan approximately 60 meters long.

    To get the Leviathan's mass, I'll be using the square cube law.

    The largest real life animal, the Blue Whale, is 30 meters lo…

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  • SSJRyu1

    This blog will explain why the gods, such as SSJG Goku and above have multi-Universal destructive potency and range.

    1. The infamous Goku and Beerus battle at the beginning of DBS.

    Goku and Beerus can destroy the Universe, and even the entire Macrocosm.

    We have statements of Goku and Beerus exchanging Universal erasing blows. Which actually extend into other dimensions such as other world which is as big as the universe as well.


    As seen here it was even reaching to other world and kai realm.



    Here is a map of the DB U7 macrocosm, see ho…

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  • Darkmon cns

    A idea

    March 24, 2017 by Darkmon cns

    there resentley has been a thread were me paule and several others were discussing a total war bettwen pokemom and dragon ball whoch gave me an idea insteda of adding the resalts one by one to each profiel what if we add a new secion to the veres profiels? we can call it total wars and treat then like win and losses it would help in the long run so we wouldnt need to add resalts to each profile after big fights

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  • Mr. Bambu

    Okay. So recently a friend of mine discussed a few fight ideas for a particularly interesting character- Morbus. His story is an unknown one at best, even by his fans. He is the icon of the band Disturbed and oddly enough they've made two considerable contributions to his canon- the official videos of the Vengeful One and Land of Confusion. This small feat comes from the latter. 

    So. In the video (link below)

    ...we see Morbus literally fly into space and pulverize this fine fellow until all that remains are the contents of his pockets (cash). Where did he go? 

    So first we see Morbus begin harnessing some sort of cosmic energy around his hand which apparently allows him to fly up to and breathe in space. 


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  • Roymaster11

    Fire Emblem

    March 4, 2017 by Roymaster11

    Now I will mostly focusing on speed here. But here are my calcs for MHS Fire Emblem Characters.

    Now the move bolting is more of a natural lightning strike move by this picture as the move comes almost INSTANT! This should be noted as Fire Emblem characters are able to dodge this.

    Going by this picture I made, we are using 5'8" as a estimation for Roy's height seeing on how short he is compared to other lords. now measuring bolting and Roy, Roy standing at 5'8" I decided to measure on how many Roy's does it take to get to the max height of Bolting, and it takes 4 Roy's meaning Bolting is probably 22'8". But that is not all I have to do. We must look at it's magic. Anima, this means that the lightning bolts shot by the magic tomes are natural l…

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  • Mr. Bambu

    Warcraft Respect Thread

    February 3, 2017 by Mr. Bambu

    Hiya. I just thought that, since I'm adding so many bloody Warcraft pages, I may as well give a good list of feats to go along with the characters. So let's dig in.

    Alright, first noteworthy feat? The first beings in the universe, the Pantheon, created the universe. As a collective, that is. They were literally born out of the cores of planets, awakened by Aman'Thul, and they shaped solar systems casually- so there's "At least Solar System level, possibly Multi-Solar System level" for you right there. That said...

    The Old Gods scale to the Pantheon in the way that they were able to somewhat resist them. This would likely place them at the low end of Solar System level simply for being notable enough to face them. 

    Sargeras, now, has two major f…

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  • Darkmon cns

    creation feats above star

    Now hear me out the whole creation = destruction is ok but at solar system level it stops applying a solar system is mostly empty space so this should just be a rang feat and give them star level at most. As the idea is the blast is able to cover the void of the solar system with equal power.

    2 there policy on low term 4D power

    They just disregard non universal 4D feats and only give the rank when it's spelled out I believe it should just be the 4D feat most be displayed as vastly above universal destrushin

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  • Trident346


    January 6, 2017 by Trident346


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  • Mr. Bambu

    Some Changes

    January 5, 2017 by Mr. Bambu

    I am VASTLY against certain practices VsBattles wiki has maintained as an acceptable standard. In this blog I will denote at least a couple of them to give you an idea of what I'd like to change.

    1. Exact Power Scaling What I mean by this is that on many profiles in the VsBattles (and similar wikis) pages, they allow characters to power scale exactly to each other. That said, my issue is this; according to the wiki, a character who can even minorly harm, say, a country level, is themselves on the exact same tier. It wouldn't matter if it was a one time thing and the character is clearly curbstomped by said country level. So here is my suggestion here: if the wounds are only severely minor, my suggestion would be downgrading tier-wise slight…

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  • Darkmon cns

    some questinos

    January 5, 2017 by Darkmon cns

    what do you 2 think of the power of the folowing franchises

    dragon ball and undertale?

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