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Clef's Proposal Upgrade

Speed Upgrade:
Immobile - Supersonic+ - Hypersonic Travel Speed with Massively Hypersonic+ Reactions and Massively Hypersonic - Relativistic Combat Speed

Durability Upgrade:
Multi-Continent+ - Moon Level


(travel speed)
Human height: 3.84 cubits
SCP-001's height: 700 cubits

SCP 001 is 182.3x bigger, and thus, 182.3x faster than a human

human speed: 5 - 12.51 m/s
SCP-001 speed: 911.5 - 2280.573 m/s
(Mach 2.65 - 6.65)

SCP-001's Travel Speed would be
Supersonic+ - Hypersonic

(reaction speed)
obliterated a class d and several foundation agents, as soon as they terminated said class d

it takes light 0.0000033356 seconds to travel 1 km (through a vacuum)

SCP-001's Reactions would be

(combat speed)
SCP-001 obliterates 100 drones from all directions at once, without moving (or so it seemed)

human eye can visually react in 0.3 - 0.0013 ms
all drones were 1km away

1 km per 0.3 sec = 3,333.33333 m/s
3,333.33333 x 100 = 333333.333
333333.333 m/s = Mach 972

1km per 0.0013 ms = 770,000 m/s
770,000 x 100 = 7,700,000
77,000,000 m/s = Mach 22,450
Mach 22,450 = 2.57% Lightspeed

SCP-001's Combat Speed would be
MHS - Relativistic

Human surface area: 2 m^2
SCP-001's surface area: 364.6 m^2
Nuclear Fireball Temperature: 100,000,000°C
Nuclear Fireball Duration: 35.7 - 117.2 seconds
Ballistic Missile Warheads: 2 - 14
Warhead Yield: 50 Mt - 100 Mt
Emissivity: 0.8

Radiation Energy: 1.654e+27 J/s

Total Damage:
6e+28 - 2e+29 Joules
Multi-Continent+ - Moon Level

i hope nobody minds if use the battles wiki charts. if i HAVE to use the one associated with this wiki, then i can and will adjust this post accordingly.
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